The IRC Credential is the Standard for IR Professionals

Certifying investor relations competencies across key disciplines including finance, strategy, and communications.

A new version of the IRC exam will take effect June 1, 2024. Influenced by the recent JTA study, the revisions include the addition of a new ESG domain bringing the total number of subject domains to eleven. The exam will be three hours long, during which test takers will answer 170 questions. For comprehensive information and detailed instructions, download the IR Credentialing Handbook or contact certification@niri.org.

To submit your exam application: Log on to your NIRI profile, locate My Account Links, and follow the link to My Certification. It is an easy, fast, confidential, and secure process.

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New! NIRI Launches the IR Foundations and IR Advanced certificate programs. These standalone programs are intended for a wide range of professionals in the IR profession. There has been a demand from IR corporate practitioners and IR counselors for alternative pathways to earning the IRC certification since its introduction, and NIRI now offeres these new stackable credentials that canlead to earning the IRC. Refer to the IR Credentialing Handbook for additional information.

For assistance with the IRC certification, please email certification@niri.org

Why Become Certified?

Investor relations professionals have a high degree of responsibility and can make a significant impact within their organizations. This demands competence across key disciplines including finance, strategy, and communications. Earning the IRC demonstrates necessary knowledge and skills in the IR Competency Framework.

Effective June 2024, the IR Competency Framework will include eleven subject areas essential to performing the investor relations function, namely:
  • IR Strategy Formulation
  • IR Planning, Implementation and Measurement
  • Corporate Messaging Development
  • Investor Marketing and Outreach
  • Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Insight
  • Strategic Counsel and Collaboration
  • Capital Markets and Capital Structure
  • Corporate Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)  Resources

Why Choose NIRI's IRC?

NIRI is the largest professional investor relations association in the world with members representing over 1,500 publicly held companies and $12 trillion in stock market capitalization.

Developed through the collaboration of its professionals and constituents, NIRI’s IRC credential assures those in the corporate, agency, and investment communities that the charterholder has demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills for competence across the IR discipline. New testimonials from several IRC credential holders can be found here.

Value of the IRC Certification

The IRC is the best-in-class certification geared towards IR professionals. Learn more about what it is, why to get certified, and see benefits for both the professional and employer.

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