Date: 5/15/2024
Event start time: 5:30 PM
Event end time: 8:00 PM
Category: Chapter
Price: Members: Complimentary; Non-Members/Guests: $100

As an IRO, it’s crucial to be knowledgeable about the market landscape outside of your company and industry. Investors don’t just evaluate companies in a vacuum – they consider macro trends and relative value in their investment decisions, so having a strong grasp of the broader issues is key to connecting with them and making a case for your stock over others. Having a good understanding of markets is also helpful for board reporting and in guiding your management team as to why your stock trades the way it does and how to create the most effective public narrative. The more you know, the more you can put your finger on the lever of value creation, generating extraordinary results that you can point to during your next compensation discussion!

In this multi-part program, join us first for a broad macro overview from Blackrock’s Chief Investment and Portfolio Strategist for the Americas, Gargi Chaudhuri. You may recognize her from your favorite business news programs, as Gargi regularly contributes her macro and financial market views across global media outlets for clients in US, Canada, and Latin America.

We will then proceed to a no-holds barred conversation about the evolution of Investor Relations compensation, featuring thought leaders from Rivel and Korn Ferry.