Resources for HR Professionals who support the Investor Relations Community

As an HR professional, you have hundreds of responsibilities. In addition to all those duties, is recommending training and resources to the various roles within your organization.

At NIRI, we are hoping to make that simpler for you with regards to those individuals in investor relations. Our goal is to create a single location for you to connect your IR team so they can access to what’s available with regards to resources and training.

Three resources that can serve you immediately are:

NIRI Career Center: Time is money, and you don’t have either to waste. Post your open positions where the right candidates can find them. If you are looking for quality rather than quantity in candidates, NIRI’s Career Center is your one stop to enhance your recruiting efforts.

NIRI Job Descriptions: Including descriptions for senior, mid- and entry-level IR jobs.

Investor Relations Plan: Templated document that helps set forth the objectives, initiatives and tactics which will drive your company’s investor relations program.

Additionally, there are resources to make your job easier in times of transitions. From an aggregated career center to post position openings to sample job descriptions, we’re hoping to simplify process anytime you have a vacancy.


Most content is available to everyone. NIRI has a lot of free resources, all of which will help you and your organization grow. Check out these no-cost resources.

Webinar Archive
Available on demand for everyone, these webinars cover IR, finance, accounting, communications, and other related areas.

IR Update
NIRI's award-winning, quarterly digital magazine. Each issue contains informative articles on the latest IR developments, trends, and best practices from today's thought leaders. You’ll have access to the last ten years of articles.

IR Update Weekly
Delivered electronically every Tuesday, IR Update Weekly provides information on NIRI professional development events, member services, regulatory updates, chapter programs, highlighted job postings, and IPO listings.

NIRI Research
Highly valued research studies including comprehensive reports complete with charts, tables, summaries, qualitative data, and survey methodology.

Standards of Practice for Investor Relations
NIRI has developed standards that address disclosure, earnings release content, and notice and access for distributing proxy materials in this 94-page manual.

IR Body of Knowledge
The 180-page Body of Knowledge book is one of the main resources of IR professionals. It was written by more than 35 IR subject matter experts, to provide information on key IR tasks and the variables that may impact how those tasks are performed.


These programs and resources have minimal fees and are ideal for a variety of roles.

Fundamentals of Investor Relations
This comprehensive, live seminar offers a broad, introductory overview of all aspects of investor relations, including marketing, communication, and finance.

Virtual Workshops
Three separate programs designed to help understand the specific financial concepts needed to communicate your company's financial story effectively. Delivered in small groups with experienced tutors who can adjust the material to suit attendees for that day.

Financial Training Courses
Thirteen on-demand courses can be purchased individually (or in bundles) to enhance overall learning.

Investor Relations Charter (IRC)® Certification
IRC certification is the only US-based benchmark for investor relations professionals. The certification program encompasses the 10 core competencies of IR allowing participants to valid their core IR knowledge and skills. As a hiring managing, you’ll know that the IRC designation is a tangible proof of a candidate’s specialized skills.


One of NIRI’s primary benefits is its deep community of other investor relations practitioners. Members that they turn frequently for help and counsel to the network that they develop through NIRI professional development events, chapter affiliations, and online forums.

NIRI’s private social networking forum where members can ask questions and share advice on challenges, best practices, trends, and IR issues.

Compass Mentor Program
NIRI believes that establishing this mentoring program can diminish exclusivity, while increasing engagement, skills development, and further build an inclusive mentoring culture centered on learning, sharing new ideas, and creating a shared vision. This is a traditional one-on-one mentoring journey with a self-match-making approach of Mentors and Mentees.

Developing Leaders Roundtable
Geared towards those with three to nine years of IR experience. With no additional cost to join, this group was created to foster networking opportunities for those rising the ranks.

Rising Leaders Under 40 Program
Young IR professionals who have made noticeable contributions to their companies, their NIRI chapters, and the overall IR profession.

Senior Roundtable
Built for the needs of NIRI's most experienced members. The group typically meets annually in an exclusive, small group setting to maintain a more informal networking atmosphere.

If there are other resources you are seeking to help your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out to