NIRI welcomes everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability. NIRI is committed to providing a safe, productive, inclusive, and welcoming environment for attendees, volunteers, staff, and others engaged in programs, meetings, events, and activities, including chapter programs. Diversity is valued in governance, speaking, thought mentorship and other roles within NIRI.

NIRI's Mission
Through its collaborative community, NIRI advances engagement in the capital markets and drives best practices in corporate disclosures, governance, and informed investing (Adopted by the NIRI Board of Directors in September 2018).
The Compass Mentor Program Vision & Scope 
A traditional one-on-one mentoring journey with a match-making approach of Mentors – "Leaders" and Mentees – "Achievers". This program is specifically targeting underrepresented groups, but all are welcome. 
We believe that establishing this mentoring program can diminish exclusivity, while increasing engagement, skills development, and further build an inclusive mentoring culture centered on learning, sharing new ideas, and creating a shared vision. 

Mentors – “Leaders” are accomplished senior NIRI members who are passionate about investor relations, committed to NIRI, and are keen to share their experience and wisdom with future leaders in the NIRI community.
Mentees – “Achievers” are young professionals from within the NIRI community aspiring to grow as IR professionals and to assume leadership roles.
 Participant Commitment
  • The pilot Compass Mentor Program is anticipated to last six months.
  • Participants must be willing to commit to this timeframe and to engage with NIRI throughout the program timeline to provide feedback.
  • Participants are encouraged to discuss a wide range of relevant topics, with a focus on areas that the achiever is looking to further develop. 
  • Meetings may be held virtually or in-person (recognizing limitations of Covid-19 environment and locations of participants)
  • We understand that most program participants have full time responsibilities, and the time commitment for this program is meant to be minimal. We suggest the participants agree upon a mutually beneficial meeting schedule depending on goals and availability. 
  • Mentees (Achievers) are asked to come to each meeting with an agenda of discussion topics/questions. Mentors (Leaders) may also suggest discussion topics.
  • If for any reason a mentor and/or a mentee feels they are not getting the most out of the program, NIRI will help facilitate a new pairing (based on availability).

Join the Program

Enrollment in the pilot program is now open.  Please contact for assistance.