Recognizing Talent in the Investor Relations Community


NIRI: The Association for Investor Relations encourages and recognizes the most talented young individuals in the investor relations community though its Rising Leaders Under 40 Program. This Rising Leaders Under 40 Program recognizes young professionals who have made noticeable contributions to their companies and the overall IR profession.

Rising Leaders Under 40 candidates are not required to be a NIRI member, however they must have at least two of the following qualifications:
  • Outstanding engagement in community activities.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership within the organization or professional association.
  • Provided collegial and supportive efforts for a NIRI National program, publication or project or was engaged in a meaningful way in serving IR professionals.
  • Exceptional growth and development as an IR professional and an aspiration to pursue investor relations as a career.
  • Advancement of NIRI’s public policy agenda.
  • Commitment to NIRI’s Code of Ethics and to advancing best practices in investor relations, corporate disclosure, and informed investing.
  • Attainment of the Investor Relations Charter (IRC) certification or other professional certification.

How do I nominate someone?

Nomination Form

Self-nominations will not be considered. Applicants must be nominated by a supervisor, academic instructor, NIRI member or others with direct knowledge of the applicants IR specific achievements.

Nominations are open until April 8.

Award History