Ethics Council Members

  • Idalia Rodriguez - Chair
  • Raj Mehan, CMA, IRC - Vice Chair
  • Matt Brusch, CAE - Ex Officio
  • Alexandra Deignan - Board Chair-Elect
  • Andy Detwiler - Board Liaison
  • Mitch Haws, IRC - Member
  • Nicole Noutsios - Member
  • Mark Warren, IRC - Member
  • Iman Hannon, CM, IOM - Staff Liaison
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Ethics Council Policy Statement

The Investor Relations Profession, Ethics, and NIRI

The integrity of the capital markets is based on transparency of credible financial and non-financial corporate information. Investor relations professionals play the key role in ensuring that integrity. As the organization representing the investor relations profession, NIRI strives to advance the highest ethical standards regarding the practice of investor relations, and regarding those who provide related products and services. Consequently, NIRI expects all members to abide by the highest level of ethical standards and urges compliance with its Code of Ethics. Members of NIRI who are sanctioned by an appropriate governmental agency or judicial body may, upon recommendation of the NIRI Ethics Council, have their membership terminated by the NIRI Board of Directors.

The Ethics Council 

The Ethics Council was formed by the NIRI Board of Directors in March 2002 to elevate the importance of ethical issues and provide additional resources to the membership and the Board itself. The Council serves as a sounding-board and mentor to members regarding ethical matters that may arise during their practice – both for investor relations professionals and those providing products and services to the investor relations community. 

Members of the Council are appointed to specified terms by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the NIRI Board Chair. The Council reports to the NIRI Board of Directors through the Board Liaison. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Ethics Council

  • Provide advice and counsel to the NIRI Board of Directors regarding ethical issues, as requested, and recommend appropriate actions the organization may want to evaluate;
  • Review the NIRI Code of Ethics for Regular Members, and other related documents as the NIRI Board of Directors deems fit, periodically to ensure that it addresses the evolving needs of the membership and profession; 
  • Review the NIRI Code of Ethics for Associate Members periodically to ensure that it addresses the evolving needs of the membership and profession;
  • Provide confidential, non-legal advice to NIRI members, assisting members with ethical questions and reach out to members whose companies may be involved in publicly-announced ethical situations;
  • Upon the request of the NIRI Certification Council, assist the IRC program on ethics-related matters such as acting as the Board Appeals Panel as outlined in the IRC Policies and Procedures Manual;
  • Provide content on ethics for NIRI publications and education;
  • Provide recommendations to the NIRI Board concerning the enforcement of NIRI's Code of Ethics. The NIRI Board will make all final determinations regarding ethical matters.  Not all matters brought before the Board are brought before the Ethics Council; the NIRI Board of Directors, in consultation with NIRI’s legal counsel, has ultimate oversight over any enforcement action.

Approved by the NIRI Board of Directors
December 1, 2021

To review NIRI's Code of Ethics for regular and associate members as approved by the NIRI Board on March 31, 2022, please click here.