Matthew D. Brusch, CAE
President and CEO—703.562.7679
Communications Department
Information on NIRI publications, advocacy, IR practice and media queries. 

Al Rickard, CAE
Director, Communications and Editor-in-Chief—703.402.9713

Niels Holch, JD
Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy—202.624.1461

Sponsor and Partner Relations

Aaron P. Eggers, MPA
Vice President, Sponsor and Partner Relations—703.562.7684

Programs Department
Information on education programs including Annual Conference and Senior Roundtable, hotel and travel, and certification. 

Iman Hannon, CM, IOM
Assistant Board Secretary
Chief Credentialing and Governance Officer—703.562.7688 

Shannon Potter
Vice President, Professional Development—703.562.7680
Membership Department
Information on membership changes, transfers and cancellations, payment of membership dues, NIRI bookstore, Career Center, and Chapter support.

Robin Kite
Vice President, Membership and Chapter Services—703.562.7674


Steve Doran
Vice President, Marketing—703.562.7671
Finance and Administration
Information on financial transactions, membership dues, and renewals. 

Staci Scott
Vice President, Finance and Administration—703.562.7685

Selita Sanders
Manager, Accounting and Administration—703.562.7686

Anita Joshi
Chief Technology Officer—703.562.7675