Membership Overview

Membership in NIRI entitles the investor relations professional to a wide range of services in the areas of educational programs and services and publications....Learn More

Membership Types

NIRI offers five membership categories: Corporate, Consultant, Service Provider, Affiliated and Academic. Annual dues are $625 for Corporate, Consultant, Service Provider and Affiliated, and $100 for Academic Members, with a $50 application fee for all new members. Please review the following...Learn More

Membership Demographics

Members look to NIRI and its chapters to provide ongoing professional development opportunities and to set the standards that will help them become leaders in their corporation and field....Learn More

Code of Ethics

A regular member practices investor relations with a corporation or a counseling firm on a full- time basis or as an additional responsibility....Learn More

Member/Career Transition Program

The NIRI Career Transition Program assists members who become unemployed. The program suspends national membership dues for a period of up to twelve months at the end of their current membership term. ...Learn More

Member Center

To help you find what you need on the NIRI website, we are providing a list of membership actions, benefits, and programs with links to the subject areas....Learn More