What is NIRI and what does it do?

NIRI is the National Investor Relations Institute.  It is the largest professional investor relations association in the world, with more than 3,300 members who represent over 1,600 publicly held companies with more than $9 trillion in market capitalization.  NIRI is dedicated to advancing the practice of investor relations and the professional competency and stature of its members.

Who are NIRI’s members?

NIRI’s members include corporate officers and investor relations consultants responsible for communication among corporate management, shareholders, securities analysts, and other financial community constituents. 

What is the value of a NIRI membership & why should I join?

Membership in NIRI provides IR professionals with all the resources and information they need to succeed in today’s economic climate.  NIRI nurtures its members’ professional development by delivering high-quality seminars, workshops, webinars, and conferences and by facilitating a community of IR professionals who share information, best practices, and other ideas. 

What are the benefits of joining NIRI?

NIRI’s member benefits are best illustrated through four attributes: Information, Professional Development, Networking, and Advocacy.  For a detailed explanation and a listing of specific member benefits, please review Membership Benefits

What are NIRI’s membership categories and their corresponding dues?

NIRI offers five membership categories: Corporate, Counselor, Service Provider, Affiliated Profession Member, and Academic.  Except for Academic member dues that are $100 per year, all the other memberships are $625.00 annually.  New members are assessed an additional $50.00 application fee. 

What is the membership term?

Your membership term is for one year, which begins the day you join NIRI. NIRI membership dues are not refundable.

How do I join, renew, and pay my dues?

You can join, renew, and pay dues online.  If you are a new member joining online, click on Apply for Membership; and if you are renewing, Renew Membership

I am not an Investor Relations Officer, can I still join NIRI?

Yes. NIRI is open to all investor relations professionals and those involved in accomplishing the goals of investor relations (such as the chief financial officer, treasurer, or corporate communicator) in a company. 

Can I transfer my membership at NIRI to someone else?

Transfers of an individual membership from one person to another may be made by submitting a Transfer Membership Form and a $50.00 administrative fee.  The transfer must be authorized by the company and transferor. 

Does NIRI have discount for multiple members within an organization?

NIRI does not have multiple member discounts, however, it offers a Corporate Group Membership package.  Ideal for four members or more, the program offers membership to all members of the IR team within a company, as well as to those involved in carrying out the goals of IR.  The program costs $2,995.00 per year and includes a free registration to NIRI’s Annual Conference. 

When do I receive my renewal notice and how do I know if it’s time for me to renew?

NIRI emails renewal reminders three days before expiration, then 30 days and 60 days before your membership expiration date.  Then NIRI will send renewal invoices via U.S. mail.  You can also access your membership account to check your membership expiration date.

I forgot my password and how do I get a new one?

You can go to NIRI website and log in to access the member portal.  If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Your Password?” or send an email to memberservices@niri.org to request a new password.

Do I receive a Welcome packet after a join?  How soon will I get it?

Yes, you will receive a Welcome packet from NIRI no later than the first week of the following month after you joined.

I was a former member of NIRI and I want to join again, how do I reinstate my membership?

If your membership has lapsed, you will not be able to renew online. To reinstate your membership, please contact memberservices@niri.org or download the renewal form and email it to memberservices@niri.org.

Are NIRI dues tax deductible?

NIRI membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense. NIRI estimates that about 1% of your dues are not deductible because of NIRI lobbying activities on behalf of members.

Does NIRI have local chapters?  If so, how do I join the chapter?

Yes, NIRI has local chapters.  You are required to be a member of NIRI first before you can join a chapter.  You can check chapters’ annual dues by visiting the “NIRI Community” tab on the NIRI website, or you can contact Robin Kite, NIRI’s Senior Director, Chapter and Member Engagement, at rkite@niri.org.

Will my NIRI membership dues also cover my chapter dues? 

Your NIRI membership dues do not cover chapter dues.  Chapters have separate dues levels than NIRI.   

Upon joining (or re-joining), when will my membership become active?  Will I be able to access my member benefits at once?

Your membership becomes active upon joining or re-joining.  All member benefits are available on the date you became a member.

How do I access my membership profile to make changes or updates?

Log in to the NIRI member portal. Go to the Member Center then to “My NIRI” and click on “My Profile Information” where you can make changes or updates.

I am a student; does NIRI have a student category?  

NIRI has an Academic membership category open to students and faculty members of universities and colleges.

Does NIRI accept membership from a service provider?

Yes, NIRI has a service member category for those that offer programs and services to investor relations professionals.

How do I change my membership category?

To change a member category, you need to contact NIRI member services at memberservices@niri.org

I am a current member but was laid off or in-between jobs, does NIRI offer any assistance?

NIRI offers a dues suspension program wherein the member is given a one-year complementary membership.  Please contact bdones@niri.org to obtain an application.