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The largest investor relations professional association in the world, the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) is the definitive source for information that makes NIRI members more effective.

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Another valuable resource is NIRI's Sample Document Library, which includes templates, plans, and policies provided by members as a point of reference for IR professionals. Members can feel free to download any or all of these documents for reference and revise them to meet your company's needs. If you have any sample documents you would like to provide to enhance this library, you can send your documents to NIRI. We can strip out any company-specific references if you don't wish to include those in your submitted documents.

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NIRI Communications Volunteers

In appreciation of the service and leadership NIRI member volunteers contribute to the field of investor relations, NIRI recognizes the current members of the Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) of Investor Relations Update magazine.

EAB and Research Council Volunteers

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One of the most highly valued member benefits, NIRI’s Career Center offers users an easy, intuitive process for searching for the perfect position, and identifying the perfect candidate.

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