IR Competency Framework

The IR Competency Framework is a comprehensive guide that defines the major domains of IR practice. It is critical to all we do in that the content contained in it guides NIRI’s professional development programming and underpins NIRI’s best-in-class IR certification, The Investor Relations Charter (IRC)®.
This resource is unique in that it is the product of a “Job Task Analysis (JTA),” a structured, in-depth study to determine the core competencies and tasks needed by IR professionals to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities.
The initial JTA was undertaken in 2013 and marked a significant milestone in defining the investor relations profession. Recognizing the evolving nature of IR, this second version reflects changes and emerging trends. Significant changes include structural changes and significant additions in Domain 8: Capital Markets and Capital Structure, and the addition of a new Domain 11: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

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