IR Profession and Compensation

IR profession compensation trends including research from NIRI's unique partnership with Korn Ferry International. Data on base salaries, bonus, equity and additional benefits, career trajectory, IR budgets, reporting structure, professional and administrative staff sizes, as well as demographics of the profession and working environments.

NIRI-Korn Ferry Investor Relations Compensation Study Results 2022 (Members Only)

Earnings Guidance Practices

For IR professionals, providing what most commonly is referred to as "earnings guidance" is a core concern. Guidance practices trend data related to both company financial, and non-financial guidance, frequency of guidance, and periodicity of guidance.

Earnings Guidance Practices Study 2023 (Members Only)

Additional Research

NIRI Annual Report Survey (2015)

Research Reports by NIRI Sponsors


2022 ESG Pulse Report by DFIN

DFIN collaborated with NIRI to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) perspectivesfrom more than 100 IROs. It assessed a range of ESG topics affecting corporate investor relations officer (IRO) members professionally, their companies’ current ESG practices and reporting, and their anticipated future state.



2021 Connect.IQ Global 100 Report by Investis Digital

Investis Digital collaborated with NIRI to survey IROs and corporate communications professionals on their 2021 digital priorities, and produced this “Global 100 Connect.IQ Special Report."



The State of Investor Relations in the Virtual World 2021

Cision collaborated with NIRI to survey senior IR leaders from companies representing a broad set of industries and market caps to capture their views on how they responded to an unprecedented year with a crisis around every corner — and where they see the industry headed.