Benefits & Resources For Your Entire IR Team

NIRI's Corporate Membership Package offers value to public companies and IR counseling firms with discounts on membership and seminars, a complimentary Annual Conference registration, and special NIRI regulatory update briefings.

For a discounted package price of $2995 each year, you can sign up your entire investor relations team for the Corporate Membership Package.



$2500 Four full NIRI memberships at $625 each 
$625 each colleague member Unlimited additional “colleague” members
(all discounts and most benefits of full members) 
$1595 standard registration One NIRI Annual Conference registration 
$4720 in value for only $2995 Value of package with just five members 

How to Sign Up for the Group Package

To register your team for a NIRI Corporate Package, email NIRI Member Services at to receive a personalized invoice to activate your package.