Benefits & Resources For Your Entire IR Team

NIRI's Group Membership Package offers value to public companies, IR counseling firms, and service providers with significant discounts on membership.

If one registers a group that includes at least five members, then one would pay $575.00 for each of the first five members and then $275.00 for every member thereafter.** There is a $50 application fee for new groups; there is no fee for returning groups. Each group member will be able to take advantage of the same discounts on NIRI programs as individual members. 

**On March 20, 2019, NIRI's Board of Directors voted to approve various changes to the terms for the Group Membership Program, which included lowering the per-member price to $575.00 for the first five members in a group. The Board also voted to open the program up to all service providers. The Board agreed to remove a cap on the number of members who could participate in a group and set a new price of $275.00 for each group member after the first five. While groups will no longer receive a complimentary Annual Conference registration, they can still save money if they register for early-bird or advance registration rates.  

How to Sign Up for the Group Package

To register your team for a NIRI Group Package, please email NIRI Member Services at to receive a personalized invoice to activate your package.